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2019 Problem gelöst? Geschichten eine(s) Virus. Idea, original concept and art work “Negativ-Positiv”



2019 Room 105 Group Exhibition At Gallery Widmertheodoridis, Eschlikon


2018 Participation Art Walk Bremgarten



2017 STONEWALL RIOTS, exhibition as part of the alternative Pride Zürich, organised by the Eyduso group,
RAF-Raum / Koch-Areal, Zürich


2016 Erotic Art Photography, group exhibition, contributing the work "Atelier Hoffmann", Photobastei Zurich


2016 Pop-up Exhibition DOWN STATE at Kochareal, Zurich, Museum of Coexistence with the first Pictures of the Work "HEDONISM MAX" work still in progress

2014 Aus gutem Grund, group exhibition, contributing the work "Atelier Hoffmann" at widmertheodoridis in Eschlikon


2013 Mir händs nötig 3. group exhibition at Starkart, Zurich


2012 Jims World, at Elaine, Museum für Gegenwartskunst, Basel in connection with the exhibition Intimate Stranger of Karlheinz Weinberger at the main venue of the museum


2011 Hemimetabolus, Exhibition at Kunstszene Zurich



2010 Jims World, a hommage to Karlheinz Weinberger, at gallery message salon downtown, Zurich



2010 Memento, group exhibition at Werkstattgalerie, Berlin



2008 My Gay Eye, group exhibition and book vernissage at Werkstattgalerie, Berlin



2008 Democracy & Violence, group exhibition at Werkstattgalerie, Berlin 



2008 Negativ-Positiv, exhibition at gallery widmertheodoridis, Zurich



2007 Negativ-Positiv, exhibition at Werkstattgalerie, Berlin



2006 Fotoportrait of the author Janos S. Buchwart on the cover of Brian Kraftkerl – ein sortiertes Alpdrücken



2004 – 2007 Picture publication in the NZZ, GAY.CH and akut:magazin


2004 Zurich, views and portraits in the Magazin Dialogay, Geneva


2001 My Gay Eye, photo article in the book published by Konkurs, Claudia Gerke, Tübingen 


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